Dental bleaching



Dental bleaching

During clinical whitening we apply a high concentration oxidizing agent onto the teeth, and the efficiency of the whitening agent is enhanced with plasma arc. The treatment takes one hour and a half, and even 3-4 hue difference can be achieved.


In the case of home teeth whitening the dentist takes an imprint of the arch to be treated. On the basis of this a customized splint is prepared, in which the patient can put the bleaching agent at home. This should be worn a few hours daily during 1-2 weeks. Compared to the original color approx. 2-3 shades lighter color can be achieved. The effectiveness of the treatment is greatly influenced by the dietetic habits of the patient-, in case of consuming foods and drinks containing lots of colorants (coffee, tea, coke) the original color will return earlier, - the oral hygiene, as well as if the patient is a smoker or not.


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